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How to reach the refuge


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    Download the map with the paths to reach our Rifugio. A highly detailed, high-resolution map in PDF format covering the Catinaccio area


    The Antermoia refuge can be easily reached from several points, including Pera di Fassa, Mazzin, Campitello di Fassa, Val Duron, Fontanazzo, Alpe di Siusi and from Tires. Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification or information!

    1/a – From Pera, m. 1,326, through the Val Udai path 579 and 580 Time: 3:30
    There are three options for reaching the Val Udai path

    1) from the departure of the “Vajolet” chairlift it is possible to use the paid shuttle service that leads to Gardeccia, getting off at Ronc and taking path 579 from here

    2) you can take advantage of the car park at the start of the free “Vajolet” chairlift and from here, reaching the center of the town, go to Pera di Sopra, on the opposite bank of the Rio Soiàl, from where the path 546 leads to Moncin , go down to Ronc and attach path 579

    3) you can try to park directly in Ronc or Moncin.
    The Val Udai path is definitely the shortest access ever, but also the steepest, one of those that does not give breath from start to finish.

    Once you have taken the path 579 you walk until you meet the path 580 coming from Mazzin. The valley is steep and narrow, on the right, by the interesting rocks of the Dociorìl and apparently closed, opposite, by the base of the Polentòn. Continuing, you start to skirt the flanks of the Mantello, on the left, between this and the Polentòn, the Rio d ‘Antermoia descends, which plummets downstream with the two high Socorda waterfalls. Continuing to rise, traces of an ancient pastoral civilization begin to appear, the path becomes increasingly steep up to the green pastures of Camerloi, m. 2,200, in the upper part of the Val di Dona dotted with barns. Climb close to the rocky head of the Sasso di Dona, m. 2,760, until you cross the path 580 to get to the homonymous pass, from the meadows you pass to white gravels and turning your gaze to the east the panorama opens onto the Sassolungo, the Sella and the Marmolada in the distance the Pelmo la Civetta and the Pale di S. Martino. From the Passo di Dona, m. 2,516, like a mirage, the refuge finally appears, which in a few minutes reaches and arrives on the saddle of the enchanting Conca d ’Antermoia.

    1/b – From Pera, m. 1.326, through the Val del Vajolet, Gardeccia, and the Antermoia Pass, m. 2,769, path 546 and 584 Time: 4 hours Easy (E)
    The options for reaching Gardeccia are those listed in the it. 1 / a in points 1, 2 and 3.

    From Gardeccia take path 546, the path to the Vajolet and Preuss refuges is simple and convenient for the transit of jeeps that bring the necessary to the various refuges in the area, walk between the imposing walls of the Central Catinaccio on the left and the fairy-tale spiers del Larsec on the right, in an hour you reach the aforementioned refuges. From here the path 584 towards the Passo d ‘Antermoia is slightly uphill, and then climbs steeply on the gravels under the Catinaccio d’Antermoia to the homonymous pass, this is the slightly more demanding point of the entire journey, being a steep and gravelly path. The view, from up here, on the Central Catinaccio, the Croda di Re Laurino and the Torri del Vajolet is certainly the best, to realize their real shape. Furthermore, looking to the left of the Principe refuge, towards the Passo di Valbona, it is possible to see the singular rock formation which takes the name of “Little Man Laundry“. Other particular formations of rock structures adjacent to the Pass make the environment almost fairytale, despite the imposing austerity of the Catinaccio d’Antermoia Massif.
    From the pass to the Antermoia refuge, the route is covered in dicesa and then on flat ground inside the magical Conca d’Aterteria where it is a must to stop at the legendary lake, from here a few tens of meters more and you arrive at the refuge.

    2 / a – From Mazzin, m. 1,372, for the Valle Udai path 580 Time: 3:30 hours Easy (E)
    From the center of the town, follow for about m. 500 the state road to Campitello up to an ancient capital on the left of the road. Turning for meadows continue to the houses of Bee and from here take the path. 580 until you cross the one that comes from Pera (it. 1 / a).

    3 / a – From Campestrin, m. 1,375, for the Valle di Dona path 577-580 Time: 4 hours Easy (E)
    From the inhabited area, cross the meadows to the west, cross the Rio di Dona and touch the Bee farmhouses and shortly after you enter the road that goes up from Mazzin. You enter the Borést woods, which reveal the bases of the Ponsìn, a long ridge that separates the furrows of the Val di Dona and Val Duròn and connect to the path 577 that climbs from Fontanazzo di Sotto, the path is comfortable, but quite steep and shady. As you go up you begin to see the tobià, a sign of an ancient pastoral reality, and the landscape changes radically, leaving behind the dark and bristling forest you enter the flat and verdant Val di Dona, where the namesake stands shelter.

    The environment is bucolic, you are immersed in green meadows which, depending on the period, are covered in numerous colors, in fact, are the types of flowers that cover it: gentians, gentians, anemones, gold buttons, buttercups and etc. Continuing up to the last pastures of Camerloi, m.2.200, taking the path 580 and for white gravel you capitulate to the Passo di Dona from here the panorama opens as far as the eye can see on the Sassolungo, on the Sella, the Marmolada and more there the Pelmo, the Civetta up to the Pale di S. Martino. From the pass you can see the refuge that you can quickly reach, entering the wonderful stone world of the magical Conca d ’Antermoia.

    4/aFrom Fontanazzo di Sotto, 1,395 m, to the Valle di Dona path 577-580 Time: 3.30 hours Easy (E)
    Upstream of the village, path 577 leads to Val di Dona, the path to follow is that of it. 3 / a.

    5/a – From Campitello di Fassa, m. 1.448, for the Duròn Valley, Passo delle Ciaregole, m. 2,282 and Dona pass m. 2,516 path 578-580 Time: 4 hours Easy (E)
    To reach Val Duròn there are two ways:

    1) parking directly on Streda de Salin, upstream of Campitello, which corresponds to path 578

    2) using the paid shuttle bus, at the entrance of the Streda de Salin, which leads to the Micheluzzi Refuge, gaining an hour and a half walk

    Compared to Val Udai and Dona the climb is gentler, but the journey is longer, starting from Campitello. Once out of the road inside the pine forest the first glimpse is on the Denti di Terrarossa, the path begins to be on a false plane, here all the beauty of Val Duròn begins to take shape, with its quiet stream, green pastures, mountain huts on the left the equally green ridge that separates it from the Val di Dona and on the right the white stones of Sassopiatto, in the distance the bell ringing of cows grazing. This is the area of ​​rhododendrons and beyond the Brach hut, where a restorative stop from healthy home cooking, blueberries is recommended. Once you reach the cableway of the Antermoia Refuge, the path becomes steeper the dark earth path sunken in the steep meadow like a natural trench, the view as you rise more and more majestic altitude on the peaks of Sassolungo, Sella, Marmolada, Pelmo, Civetta and beyond the Pale di S. Martino.
    You walk thus up to the Passo delle Ciaregole, m. 2,282, the meadows begin to leave space for the stones, the walls of the Cima Principale di Dona overlook the path, you cross the path 580 the environment becomes austere up to the Passo di Dona, m. 2,516, and at the arrival of the cableway where the magical Conca d ’Antermoia with its namesake refuge m opens up. 2,496. In short, on a gentle descent, the coveted goal becomes reality.

    From the Alpe di Siusi across the Tires Pass m. 2,441, the Passo Duròn m. 2.168, the Passo delle Ciaregole m. 2.282 and the Passo di Dona m. 2,516 path n° 2 (on the Alpe di Siusi side ) (4-594 ) 532-555-578-580 Time: 6 hours.
    It is a long and splendid crossing, a day (at least 6 hours), but simple and with small differences in height.
    From the Alpe di Siusi, take path n ° 2 in the direction of the Panorama Hotel through magnificent pastures and you will reach the Forcella dei Denti di Terra Rossa, go up the serpentine path and arrive at the Tires Pass m. 2,441 in two and a half hours, approximately.
    From here, go to the Sella di Cresta Nera and descend into the Duròn Valley near the Malga Docoldaura, in the SE direction go up to the right. We cross the Duròn, Ciaregole and Dona passes and immersed in a breathtaking landscape we finally arrive at the Antermoia Refuge.


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